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We conduct public interest financial analysis on the most profound economic transformation since the industrial revolution: the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

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Climate Energy Finance (CEF) is a think tank established in 2022 that works probono in the public interest to accelerate decarbonisation. We conduct research and analyses on global financial issues related to the global energy transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, as well as the implications for the Australian economy, with a key focus on the threats and opportunities for Australian investments and exports. Read more

Our Work

Reports and Analysis | Tim Buckley & AM Jonson  |  Apr 11, 2024

Future Made in Australia Act to Put Australia in Global Cleantech Race

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese today announces the Future Made in Australia Act, designed to deliver a uniquely Australian Response to the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) – which is turbocharging renewables, cleantech and reindustrialisation in the US as it drives massive private capital investment – and comparable initiatives across other major economies. The Act will bring together a co-ordinated and comprehensive package of new and existing decarbonisation initiatives to seize the opportunities of a future made in Australia. It promises massive new investment, regional employment and net export opportunities, leveraging and value-adding our world-leading natural resources, both renewables and mining, as well as our expertise, geographic position in Asia and financial strengths. Read more

Reports and Analysis |  |  Apr 11, 2024

Green (Buildings) Wash?: Big banks’ ~$400bn sustainable finance target misses mark on driving enormous net zero opportunity by disproportionate allocation to minimally energy-efficient property asset class

The new analysis is the first to quantify and compare the capital allocations of the Big 4 banks to renewable energy and whole of economy decarbonisation. It reveals that only 7% of the Big 4 banks’ collective $385bn sustainable finance target (SFT) by 2030 is directed to financing renewable energy and hard to abate industries. The vast majority of their climate-related capital allocations – between 44% and 72% – channelled into the low hanging fruit of BAU ‘green buildings’ that meet minimum energy efficiency regulations. Read more

Reports and Analysis |  |  Mar 28, 2024

REPORT | More coal subsidies to extend Eraring?  Heads, Origin wins; Tails, taxpayers lose

CEF’s new report reveals taxpayers would be on the hook for $150m per year in subsidies to Origin Energy to keep ageing coal clunker Eraring operating beyond its planned closure date in August 2025, and confirms there is enough renewable capacity in the pipeline to offset the closure. Read more


CEF in the media  |  Apr 18, 2024

Government Told To ‘Hold Its Nerve’ On Clean Tech Push

Canberra Times

Australian Associated Press – Clean energy companies and investors called on the federal government to “hold its nerve” and deliver an ambitious and coordinated package of budget incentives to accelerate the transition away from fossil fuels. In a joint statement, they urged Treasurer Jim Chalmers to use the May budget to encourage investment, as rival economies throw trillions of dollars into renewable energy and clean tech to secure their national interests. “We urge the government to hold its nerve and deliver an ambitious and coordinated package of budget incentives,” Mr Buckley said. Read more

CEF in the media  |  Apr 18, 2024

Funding green buildings risks greenwashing accusations

FS Sustainability

Climate Energy Finance (CEF) says buildings are the “low-hanging fruit” that make up the lion’s share of the big four banks’ sustainable finance target (SFT) of $385 billion by 2030 – while just 7% flows to financing clean energy and hard-to-abate sectors. There is a green financing shortfall across key sectors including energy, transport and cleantech, the independent think tank says. Report author, CEF analyst Nishtha Aggarwal says the banks’ current strategies rely on investing in “business-as-usual” real assets that “meet minimum energy efficiency regulations” – leaving the banks “open to accusation of greenwashing”. Read more

CEF in the media  |  Apr 18, 2024

Australia Can’t Afford To ‘Sit Out’ Clean Energy Race

The Australian Financial Review

Responding to criticism of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s Made in Australia Act, a group of energy and finance leaders joined forces on Thursday to call for the scale of budget support required for decarbonisation. Australia could not afford to “sit out” the accelerating global transition and needed taxpayer support to unlock the private capital needed for zero-emissions economic opportunities, they said. Read more

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