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CEF in the media  |  Feb 2, 2023

Adani Enterprises Calls Off Rs 20,000 Crore FPO, To Return Investors’ Money

The Wire

As the troubled Adani Group, reeling after allegations of systemic fraud, calls off its share offer, Tim Buckley notes that “The only way Adani can actually resolve this issue is to illustrate who did buy all of the shares. It would be my speculation that there were insiders.” Read more
CEF in the media  |  Feb 2, 2023

Adani Group abandons share offer as crisis triggered by fraud claims escalates

The Guardian

Tim Buckley comments that Adani’s avenues to raise money are severely curtailed given the serious allegations and subsequent share selldown. “Capital markets in Europe and the US have effectively closed to Adani. It could sell a major asset to an ally and try and dress it up so it doesn’t look like a fire sale.” Read more
CEF in the media  |  Feb 1, 2023

Australia remains committed to coal

International Politics and Society journal

A story addressing Australia’s continuing commitment to coal, citing revelations of misrepresentation in quality certificates and the perpetuation of the myth of Australian coal’s superior quality by the Albanese government. Tim Buckley notes there is no doubt that ‘fraud, deception, theft and bribery’ are involved in the falsification of the certificates, the question now is how widespread the practice is. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Feb 1, 2023

Our climate challenge is our greatest opportunity: So how do we get it right?

Renew Economy

The newly formed Climate Capital Forum – a coalition of financial experts, investors, philanthropists, industry bodies and NGOs – this week launched a policy roadmap detailing bold reforms to position Australia as a superpower in zero-emissions trade and investment. Tim Buckley outlines the key policy asks. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Feb 1, 2023

Gautam Adani’s Middle Eastern Allies Help Him Shrug Off Fraud Allegations, Wealth Plunge


Friends and boosters from the Middle East are rushing to the side of the beleaguered Adani as it completes its share offering. Tim Buckley notes that “anyone who supported this equity raising has done it to support the Adani Group.” Read more
CEF in the media  |  Feb 1, 2023

This Mogul Lost $36 Billion in Days. Who Is He, and What Happened?

New York Times

Tim Buckley is interviewed by NYT on the Adani revelations and the company’s response. He observes that the fight could have geopolitical implications, given the United States’ courting of India as a counterweight to China, as part of the Quad partnership that also includes Japan and Australia. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Feb 1, 2023

Is Adani the biggest corporate con in history?

The Project

Tim Buckley is interviewed in this feature on allegations of systematic corporate wrongdoing at the Adani Group noting that the previously teflon coated Adani is now facing heavy scrutiny by US regulators, as the company bleeds billions, also commenting on implications for its coal operation in Australia. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jan 31, 2023

Will Adani go down like the Hindenburg?: what the explosive accusations mean for the company

ABC TV The Business

Tim Buckley breaks down the allegations against Adani Group in the report by research firm Hindenburg, and the implications for the company, which is in the process of a major capital raising. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jan 30, 2023

Greens warn the government that a fight is looming over energy policy

Sydney Morning Herald

Tim Buckley comments on the launch of the Climate Capital Forum’s federal energy roadmap today, which urges a comprehensive program of policy reform to ensure Australia acts rapidly on its world-leading opportunities to transition its economy and trade to new, clean energy industries: “The biggest issue Australia is going to face is we exported $200 billion of fossil fuels last year, and when the world delivers on the climate science that $200 billion is going to go close to zero very quickly.” Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jan 30, 2023

Clean energy investment roadmap unveiled

Sky News

Tim Buckley discusses the new Climate Capital Forum’s federal policy roadmap released today, with Kieran Gilbert on Sky Afternoon Agenda, outlining the exceptional opportunities Australia has to position itself as a global zero-emissions trade and investment superpower, transforming our economy as we act on climate. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jan 30, 2023

Investor road map for winning climate race


In this story syndicated across 100+ mastheads, Tim Buckley notes that the impacts of climate change pose a significant threat to Australia’s economy, not the least given our historically dominant exposure to fossil fuel exports, requiring a strategic response to leverage the massive, once-in-a-century export, regional employment and investment opportunities of the energy transition. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jan 26, 2023

Asia’s richest man Adani sees wealth plummet over fraud accusations

ABC Radio National Drive

Tim Buckley interviewed on RN Drive re Hindenburg’s fraud accusations against Adani Group, which centre on stock manipulation, money laundering, failure to declare conflicts of interests and accounting irregularities, go back some two decades, and remain unresolved. Will this amount to more water under the bridge for Gautam Adani? Notably, this is the first time the allegations have been raised in the US under the purview of the SEC. Read more

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