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Critical minerals

CEF in the media  |  Feb 1, 2023

Our climate challenge is our greatest opportunity: So how do we get it right?

Renew Economy

The newly formed Climate Capital Forum – a coalition of financial experts, investors, philanthropists, industry bodies and NGOs – this week launched a policy roadmap detailing bold reforms to position Australia as a superpower in zero-emissions trade and investment. Tim Buckley outlines the key policy asks. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jan 25, 2023

QLD to build $75m vanadium, rare earth processing facility

PV Magazine

The Queensland government will invest $75 million in a critical minerals demonstration facility in Townsville, heralding a pivot to onshore value-adding. As Australia looks to establish itself as a leader in the sector,Tim Buckley notes that the federal government needs to enforce sensible regulations around the whole ecosystem early, including recycling, processing facility efficiency and carbon and pollution standards to ensure social licence. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Nov 23, 2022

Does Australia have the stomach to become a critical minerals superpower?

PV Magazine

Tim Buckley comments that public opposition has the potential to undercut the burgeoning critical minerals industry unless governments enforce “sensible regulations” early, including recycling, processing facility efficiency and carbon standards and pollution. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Nov 3, 2022

Australia and US push to ‘friendshore’ critical supply chains draws rebuke from China

PV Magazine

“Friendshoring” – ensuring supply chains come from geopolitical allies – is the focus of this piece featuring the work of CEF’s Tim Buckley and Matt Pollard analysing critical minerals value adding projects in Australia. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Nov 3, 2022

Australia’s playbook to become a renewable mineral superpower 

Climate & Capital Media

CEF’s Tim Buckley and Matt Pollard explore how Australia’s new Labor government has set its sights on 21st-century gold: value adding our world leading supplies of lithium and rare earth minerals. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Oct 31, 2022

State and federal support key to Australia becoming a critical minerals super power

Renew Economy

In #6 in CEF’s series on critical minerals, Matt Pollard and Tim Buckley review key Australian public financial capital initiatives and their role in accelerating Australia’s critical mineral supply chain value-adding projects, with a focus on key examples. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Oct 28, 2022

Curtain call for fossil fuels: IEA says Ukraine war locks in shift to renewables

Renew Economy

Tim Buckley calls on Australian governments and industry to note the IEA’s forecast for the ongoing structural decline of coal, modelling up to a 45% decline globally by 2030. The agency also highlights the structural demand for key critical minerals and hence the opportunity for Australia as a world leader in critical mineral resources. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Oct 25, 2022

OP ED #5 CRITICAL MINERALS | Australia’s mammoth renewable minerals opportunity – and how to harness it

Renew Economy

The Albanese government is accelerating Australia’s value-added critical minerals industry with the new National Critical Minerals Strategy announced last week. In paper #5 on critical minerals, Tim Buckley and Matt Pollard look at policy developments here and in North America, where public-private financing for the transition is massively upscaling. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Oct 20, 2022

There’s a big investment boom on and Australia is at the head

Fifth Estate

Tim Buckley says rising EV sales and an expanding renewable energy sector are driving the lithium market, with charging stations, green power-generation capability, eMobility providers, battery manufacturers, and energy suppliers anticipated to stimulate market growth in the coming years. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Oct 20, 2022

Eye on lithium: When in comes to decarbonisation the US is putting its money where its mouth is


“A huge amount of political, strategic, and financial support – roughly A$370b – has been laid out and according to Tim Buckley, today’s announcement of up to $816 million in grants to three ASX listed companies only further accelerates these investment trends.” Read more
CEF in the media  |  Oct 18, 2022

OP ED #4 CRITICAL MINERALS | When critical minerals and decarbonisation collide: eight value add refining projects

Renew Economy

In this note, Tim Buckley and Matthew Pollard review eight newer value-add refining proposals in Australia and NZ to illustrate that capital flows are accelerating to clean energy: rare earths, hydrogen electrolysers and green ammonia, vanadium, lithium hydroxide, nickel and cobalt, and downstream battery developments. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Oct 16, 2022

GM Signs Landmark Agreement With Australian Company for Critical Minerals

The Epoch Times, US

GM to source nickel and cobalt from QLD based QPM. “Tim Buckley told The Epoch Times in April that Australia has the potential to become a world leader in the ‘green’ revolution, given its resource wealth in lithium, rare earths, copper, cobalt, nickel, wind, solar, and hydro – everything needed to benefit from the U.N.-led push for decarbonization.” Read more

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