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Critical minerals

CEF in the media  |  Apr 26, 2023

Lithium might be down but it’s far from out


What’s happening in the global lithium space? Climate Energy Finance director Tim Buckley explains in detail, including the growing geo-political interest in processed lithium. He affirms growth trends for lithium suppliers and producers, despite short term price weakness. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Apr 7, 2023

Value of Australian lithium exports tipped to match thermal coal in five years

The Guardian

As the Guardian reports the finding of the federal Resources and Energy Quarterly that export earnings from lithium are set to match thermal coal within 5 years, Tim Buckley said public support for private investment in renewably powered refining operations should come from the $15bn national reconstruction fund and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the government’s ‘green bank’. “The massive opportunities emerging for Australia from the accelerating global energy transition are crystal clear,” he said. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Apr 6, 2023

OP ED | What role do Australia’s critical minerals play in the global energy transition?

Energy Insights

In this analysis, Tim Buckley looks at Treasurer Jim Chalmers’ call to back the FIRB recommendation to reject a Chinese-linked fund’s increased equity stake in emerging Australian critical minerals developer, Northern Minerals, in the context of Australia’s massive and burgeoning opportunity to lead the world in value-added critical minerals. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Mar 20, 2023

Tim Buckley on ABC Sydney: as IPCC warns of potential climate catastrophe, global decarbonisation is accelerating

ABC 702 Sydney

The IPCC’s latest report this week again sounded the alarm that the window to avert climate catastrophe is closing. But there is hope. On the positive side of the ledger, Tim Buckley breaks down the huge policy and investment shifts that are driving a massive uptick in energy transition, including the US Inflation Reduction Act and the EU’s Net Zero Industry Act. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Mar 17, 2023

OP ED | EU piles pressure on Australia to seize once-in-a-century cleantech opportunity

Renew Economy

The global race to decarbonisation has massively escalated with new regulations designed to turbocharge and onshore cleantech in the European Commission nations. Australia is positioned to emerge as a value-added critical minerals superpower Read more
CEF in the media  |  Mar 2, 2023

Australia’s once in a century value-added critical minerals opportunity needs urgent action

Sky News

Tim Buckley speaks to CEF’s new critical minerals report, which details how the massive acceleration in the global energy transition is increasing demand for critical minerals, presenting a multihundred billion dollar opportunity for Australia to leverage its rich reserves and lead the world in production, processing and manufacture. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Mar 1, 2023

Australia’s critical minerals pipeline valued at $10 billion

PV Magazine

CEF’s major new report on crtical minerals urges targeted, ambitious policy incentives and strategic co-investment to solidify Australia’s position in the growing market. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Mar 1, 2023

Australia urged to move faster towards onshore critical mineral mining

ABC TV The Business

Tim Buckley discusses CEF’s major new report on Australia’s multihundred billion dollar critical minerals and metals opportunity, saying Australia must pivot rapidly to invest in onshoring refining and manufacture of its abundant energy transition materials to secure a leading position in the new world economy. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Mar 1, 2023

Australia faces critical juncture with “once in a century” renewable energy and mineral opportunity

ABC Radio National Drive

The US and China are racing ahead with hundreds of billions of dollars of investment in energy transition materials mining, refining and manufacture. Tim Buckley discusses CEF’s new critical minerals report which maps in detail Australia’s key opportunity to seize the moment and take its place at the forefront of the new world economy with its abundant minerals, metals and clean energy. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Mar 1, 2023

Act now or ‘miss the boat’ on energy revolution: report


CEF’s critical minerals report with commentary by Tim Buckley and Dr Alan Finkel featured across 100+ mastheads via AAP. The report calls for urgent action, policy ambition and private investment to leverage Australia’s lucrative opportunity to lead the world in mining, refining and making clean energy products, as it identifies Australia’s “once in a century” opportunity to process critical minerals and manufacture onshore, powered by our abundant renewable energy. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Mar 1, 2023

OP ED | How Australia can become a value-adding renewables superpower

The Australian Financial Review

Former chief scientist Dr Alan Finkel on CEF’s new critical minerals report, noting Australia is well-positioned to establish itself as a superpower in the global shift from petrostates to electrostates. Electrostates will be those countries that supply energy transition materials such as critical minerals, or supply renewable energy. Dr Finkel says Australia can be both. With clear direction and heightened ambition from the new government, Australia can be a leading supplier of critical minerals and decarbonised products as the world undertakes its shift to the zero emissions future. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Feb 8, 2023

Only5mins! – Australia’s key minerals will make it a green energy superpower

PV Magazine

In this 5 minute explainer, Tim Buckley speaks to pv magazine about the crisis threatening Adani Group, the “positive outlook” for Australian renewables, and the nation’s potential to become a clean energy superpower, including supplying the value added critical minerals the world needs for the energy transition. Read more

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