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CEF in the media  |  Dec 1, 2023

中国巨额投资转变实现减排 澳需紧急回应建新伙伴关系


Our Chinese energy SOEs report mentioned in Australia Financial News – An Australia-based Chinese-language news outlet. 该报告的主要作者Xuyang Dong 跟踪了中国五大企业的投资趋势,她说,这些趋势表明了中国这个超级大国超过其能源目标的可能性,这些大型国有企业正在进行巨额资本流动转移,以实现可再生能源和减排目标。中国经济的集中指挥性质和控制结构意味着当中央政府告诉国有企业调整资本支出以确保实现关键目标时,他们就会这样做,世界上没有其他国家能像中国这样快速有效实现电力行业脱碳。 目前,中国已经是全球最大的电动汽车市场,今年也成为世界领先的电动汽车出口国,不过也仍在以确保国家能源安全的名义建造新的燃煤发电厂。 Xuyang Dong说, 澳洲可以通过与中国合作,在澳洲使用100%可再生能源联合进行产品陆上增值加工,从而确保实现经济和能源独立。 Read more
CEF in the media  |  Nov 30, 2023

Call to join forces as China sets pace on clean energy

Canberra Times

Demand for Australian coal from the nation’s biggest customer is heading for long-term decline as China changes course on energy investment, research shows. According to a report released on Thursday by independent think tank Climate Energy Finance, Australia must urgently respond and pursue new partnerships with China to replace jobs. Lead author of the report, Xuyang Dong tracked the investment trends of China’s top five enterprises, which she said pointed to the possibility of the superpower exceeding its energy goals. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Nov 30, 2023

China’s world-beating renewables surge threatens Australian exports

The Australian Financial Review

China has vaulted ahead of the rest of the world in solar and wind power installations in 2023, accelerating the energy transition for Australia’s biggest export customer and posing a growing threat to future coal exports. “China’s demand for Australian exports of thermal and coking coal is set to decline structurally over the longer term due to the greening of China’s power sector and economy,” said Climate Energy Finance director Tim Buckley. “The report recommends that to minimise economic risk, Australia urgently comprehends and responds at speed to align with China’s massive investment pivot.” Read more
Media Releases  |  Nov 29, 2023

MEDIA RELEASE | New report: Chinese Energy Giants’ Investment Flows Supercharge Renewables Revolution in Response to 14th “Five Year Plan”


CEF’s China energy policy analyst, report lead author Xuyang Dong, tracked investment trends of China’s 5 top State Owned Enterprises, reviewing reporting disclosures and corporate data in the original Chinese. Xuyang Dong said: “China is decarbonising the world and the Chinese energy SOEs are playing a significant role in this process, as their massive capital expenditure pivot into renewables and cleantech shows. China’s ambition to lead the greening of the world is evident in its energy policies and climate goals, and reflected in energy SOEs’ capex trends, which highlight the possibility of China exceeding its energy goals. ” Read more
CEF in the media  |  Nov 29, 2023

Cop28: where does China stand on coal and renewable energy ahead of the UN climate conference’s tough negotiations?

South China Morning Post

At the 28th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, starting on Thursday, negotiators from around the world will try to thrash out new global commitments to mitigate and adapt to climate change, one of the toughest challenges facing humanity. The world will also be looking to China to signal an intention to put a price on carbon emissions in domestic goods and imports, said Tim Buckley, director at Australia-based think tank Climate Energy Finance. “This would elevate China’s global leadership in all zero-emissions industries of the future and would signal the need for a clear international price on carbon emissions in global trade,” he said. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Nov 23, 2023

Solar module prices may reach $0.10/W by end 2024

PV Magazine

Tim Buckley, director of Climate Energy Finance, speaks to pv magazine about the current steep trajectory of solar module prices. He estimates that PV panels prices will end up dropping by 40% this year and predicts the closure of old technology and sub-scale solar manufacturing facilities, both in China and globally. Buckley also noted the likely new climate accord by Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden, might see a formal call for a tripling of renewables capacity globally by 2030. “At a time of massive capital investment cost blowouts, to be able to invest in deflationary solar is a massive global boon that will provide cost of living pressure relief as well as improved energy security,” he sai Read more
CEF in the media  |  Nov 19, 2023

OP ED | Big Super shouldn’t block Brookfield’s bid for Origin Energy

The Australian Financial Review

As Tim Buckley asks: What kind of game is AustralianSuper, the country’s biggest super fund, playing with Origin Energy? It is shaping up to scuttle a bid by Canadian fund manager Brookfield et al to acquire Australia’s largest power company, gentailer Origin Energy, and transition it to renewables and storage with a ~$30bn investment – a mammoth capital injection that will be transformative for Australian decarbonisation. What is AustralianSuper offering as its alternative plan? Higher electricity prices, slower decarbonisation and more climate destruction? If it kills the deal, will it step up and guarantee a $30bn commitment to decarbonising Origin? If not, why not? If it has no legitimate answer to these questions, it should get out of the way. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Nov 16, 2023

Australia at back of the pack on methane as China announces action plan

Renew Economy

Oped written by CEF’s China Energy Policy Analyst Xuyang Dong and Ember’s climate strategy advisor Chris Wright on China’s recent methane emissions reduction action plan. China’s recent methane action plan is a game-changer in the global effort to combat emissions. With commitments in its 2026-2030 Five-Year Plan, China is taking a lead in the methane reduction race. This announcement underscores Australia’s lag in implementing a clear methane action plan, despite being a significant emitter. As COP28 approaches, the diplomatic significance and China’s track record of exceeding targets highlight the urgent need for global methane reduction. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Oct 27, 2023

Albanese’s pittance for critical minerals means Australia’s golden opportunity goes begging

Renew Economy

Our op ed on PM Albanese’s state visit to the US. While the visit was touted as a platform for major announcements on investment into an Australian response to the game-changing Inflation Reduction Act, there was a lot of talk, but only $2bn for Australian critical minerals – entirely insufficient relative to the scale of our opportunity to lead the world in processing of minerals onshore. Read our full analysis. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Oct 14, 2023

Energy bills to fall as gas and coal prices drop, renewables go ballistic

Michael West Media

A profound investment surge in renewables, heat pump, batteries and EV manufacturing capacity globally is underway, with annual global manufacturing capacities of each due to double every 24 months at the current run rate, Tim Buckley of Climate Energy Finance (CEF) told MWM. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Oct 12, 2023

When Quiet Diplomacy Wins Out Over Harsh Words With China


Wong’s team was determined to get the relationship back on track. As the first female foreign minister of Chinese-Malaysian heritage, Wong understands how Australian multiculturalism can influence and shape a highly diverse new world order, notes Xuyang Dong from the Sydney-based think tank Climate Energy Finance Read more
CEF in the media  |  Oct 9, 2023

China leads in green energy development


Tim Buckley, Director of Climate Energy Finance highlights the remarkable advancements in renewable energy made by China, with a particular emphasis on solar and wind power. Tim is impressively captivated by China’s prodigious expansion in the energy field, recognising that it has surpassed other nations by installing an astonishing fivefold increase in renewable energy. He draws attention to China’s tactical approach, noting that an impressive 156 gigawatts of wind and solar have been set up within a span of eight months, signifying a substantial 120% escalation compared to the previous year. Read more

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