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Reports and Analysis |  |  Feb 14, 2024

OP ED | Massive Victorian blackout a copybook illustration of need to build energy system resilience & accelerate transition to firmed renewables

Yesterday afternoon storms damaged power lines across Victoria taking all four generators at AGL’s massive end-of-life 2,210 megawatt (MW) coal-fired Loy Yang A power station offline as part of a cascading series of events, and with it 30% of the state’s power supply. This is a massive wake up call on the unreliability of ailing coal clunkers and the need to transition to firmed renewables. Read more

Reports and Analysis |  |  Dec 23, 2022

CEF NEWS UPDATE | Hope restored as clean energy momentum escalates – our 2022 wrap

Our wrap of the top ten energy events in 2022, including the end of federal climate and energy policy chaos under the LNP, and our wishlist for an even better 2023! Read more

Reports and Analysis |  |  Nov 18, 2022

CEF NEWS UPDATE | AGL victory | NAB: progress, but can do better | BlueScope Aus shuns green steel

Our latest update including the historic victory for decarbonisation at the AGL AGM, our deep dive into BlueScope’s plan to sink $1bn into carbon intensive blast furnace tech, and our most recent analyses of big banks’ climate efforts – this time focussing on NAB – and of the critical minerals industry, looking at Australian companies expanding offshore. Read more

Reports and Analysis |  |  Nov 18, 2022

Impact investing powers revolution at AGL

A victory for impact investing this week after sweeping reforms at carbon dinosaur AGL’s AGM. We track the striking similarities between Sentient Impact Group / Climate Energy Finance’s report “One AGL: from laggard to leader” and AGL’s newly mandated transition plan, which sees it exit coal early and invest ~$20bn in renewables. Read more

Reports and Analysis | Tim Buckley  |  Jun 3, 2022

REPORT | One AGL: from laggard to leader

In this report by Sentient Impact Group and CEF, Tim Buckley details five strategic moves AGL must make to address its declining core business and ensure successful stewardship of the inevitable and accelerating energy transition. Read more

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