Wind farm turbines on the water


CEF in the media

CEF in the media  |  Aug 10, 2023

AGL upbeat about big loss

ABC Radio National PM

CEF in the media  |  Aug 3, 2023

Manufacturing Australia’s answer to the climate crisis


Tim Buckley speaks at the Australian National Manufacturing Summit noting that while the federal government has plans to value add to get more out of the country’s rich endowment of in-demand minerals, “Australia’s critical minerals strategy has lovely words but $500 million doesn’t cut it,” in the context of massive accelerating public capital commitments to energy transition by our trade partners and competitors. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Aug 2, 2023

VNI West controversy continues


Tim Buckley said reconfiguring the transmission grid would increase reliability and is key for decarbonisation and a shift away from fossil fuel commodity volatility. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Aug 2, 2023

OP ED | It’s time to power up from a petrostate to an electrostate

The Australian Financial Review

The Productivity Commission report is a misreading of the implications for Australia of a profound global geopolitical shift already underway: unprecedented government intervention by the United States, European Union, Canada, South Korea, Japan and a growing list of other economies to reposition themselves in the accelerating global energy transition, rebuild manufacturing onshore, and secure clean-tech supply chains against China’s decade-long head start. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jul 31, 2023

Emission control: Just how viable is Victoria’s move to ban gas in new homes


As Victoria bans methane gas in new homes, Tim Buckley notes the rollout of green hydrogen is facing its own challenges. Whilst Australia’s $2bn Hydrogen Headstart scheme, set to start in fiscal 2027, has been touted to kick start the hydrogen economy, Tim Buckley warned that handing out money is not an economical or long-term solution. “Subsidies are time limited, which means they are limited in their effectiveness and nature. The industry is not going to be viable absent those subsidies. You ultimately need a price on carbon,, where companies would do the right thing or pay tax for doing the wrong thing, in this case carbon emissions.” Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jul 29, 2023

The gas industry used to be unassailable in Australia: not any more

The Sydney Morning Herald

As Victoria bans gas in new homes, Tim Buckley says the decision signals a broader shift in attitudes towards gas. Having sold Australian gas offshore more cheaply than it did domestically the industry is losing its social license. It is now an easier target for reform by governments determined to cut greenhouse gas emissions and household costs. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jul 28, 2023

Power Up: Renewables are hammering down electricity prices


Tim Buckley said: “Application approvals of new zero-emissions replacement capacity in FY2023 trebled to 7 gigawatts (GW) vs the previous two years, but we are still not seeing grid transmission and planning access bottlenecks removed. There is a record 30GW of new renewable energy capacity now in the connection pipeline, but just 3GW was completed in FY2023. We need to see the rate of completions double to replace end-of-life coal power station capacity inevitably and predictably coming offline.” Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jul 28, 2023

AEMO quarterly energy report sees a drop in electricity prices

Energy Monitor

AEMO reports the June quarter wholesale electricity prices are down 59 per cent year-on-year. That is a major relief after 18 months of unprecedented fossil fuel hyperinflation,” Tim Buckley said. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jul 28, 2023

AEMO Quarterly Energy Dynamics report

ABC NewsRadio

As Tim Buckley says, AEMO’s report shows electricity prices are down as fossil fuel hyperinflation driven by war profiteering of coal and gas producers moderates and renewables start to come online. Wholesale electricity in the June quarter have dropped 59% in the June quarter year on year. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jul 27, 2023

Climate Energy Finance says Hunter communities would be the major beneficiaries of progressive coal royalties

The Newcastle Herald

Hunter communities undergoing unprecedented social and economic upheaval due to the clean energy transition would be the main beneficiaries of a progressive coal royalty system, Tim Buckley argued. The NSW government is investigating increasing mining royalties as part of an effort to boost the state’s bottom line when the temporary cap on coal prices implemented to curb soaring electricity prices expires. This could involve the introduction of progressive royalties, which would require coal companies to pay more as the coal price increases. Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jul 27, 2023

Call to combat costs with solar powered social housing

Canberra Times

CEF’s report into NSW’s energy transition last week recommended the state use social housing and other government-owned buildings to build a steady pipeline of solar-panel “power plants”. Report author Tim Buckley said solar could replace half of the capacity lost when NSW coal-fired power stations Eraring and Vales Point retire in 2025 and 2029 respectively. “It requires next to no grid upgrades, so no cost-of-living pressure, and it can be done really bloody quickly.” Read more
CEF in the media  |  Jul 27, 2023

OP ED | Productivity Commission fails as others forge ahead

Australian Manufacturing

A new Productivity Commission report misses the mark by arguing against public capital investment in cleantech. As Tim Buckley writes, At this inflection point, Australia can ill-afford an approach to industry policy that will further hollow out our manufacturing sector and consign us to the zero value-add, dig-and-ship mentality of yesterday’s fossil-fuel dominated mining behemoth. We must seize the once-in-a-century opportunity to leverage our natural advantages and position ourselves as a value-adding clean industry and export superpower. And as other economies have recognised, this requires government investment. Read more

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