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Reports and Analysis |  |  Sep 21, 2022

ANALYSIS | Australia’s once in a generation lithium opportunity

In paper #2 in a CEF series on critical minerals, Tim Buckley and Matthew Pollard review Australia’s world-leading lithium reserves and the scope for value-adding onshore. Read more

Reports and Analysis |  |  Sep 20, 2022

ANALYSIS | More than a quarry: The growing investment into value-adding critical minerals mining in Australia

Critical minerals are key to the accelerating global energy transition and Australia is in pole position. CEF’s Tim Buckley and Matthew Pollard review the opportunities the boom presents and some key developments, in paper #1 of a series on this topic. Read more

Videos | Tim Buckley  |  Sep 15, 2022

ABC TV’s The Business

Elysse Morgan interviews Tim Buckley on CEF’s Windfall Profits report and the case for fossil fuel tax reform, which CEF analysis shows would net $322bn over 10 years. Read more

Reports and Analysis | Tim Buckley  |  Sep 9, 2022

COMMENT | Now the race begins

The Australian Government has rejoined the global fight against the climate crisis, legislating a 43% emissions cut by 2030. Read more

Videos | Tim Buckley  |  Sep 3, 2022

Time to act: Green finance is key to achieving climate action at the scale needed

In this video presentation to the Doctors for the Environment 2022 national conference, CEF director Tim Buckley details how green […] Read more

Reports and Analysis | Tim Buckley  |  Aug 17, 2022

ANALYSIS | China’s global energy transition leadership

As Tim Buckley writes, China is leading the world by scaling up zero emissions industries of the future – RE, hydro power, smart grid integration, batteries, EVs, and most recently green hydrogen. In line with President Xi Jinping’s ‘Net Zero Emissions before 2060’ pledge, enormous progress has been made, but with climate impacts accelerating, ambition needs to be lifted. Read more

Videos |  |  Aug 17, 2022

Sky Regional Breakfast

Tim Buckley elaborates the key tax and royalty policy changes needed to ensure fossil fuel producers pay their fair share for exploiting Australians’ assets – reform which would deliver over $300bn to the budget bottom line over 10 years. Read more

Videos | Tim Buckley  |  Aug 17, 2022

SKY News Afternoon Agenda with Kieran Gilbert

Tim Buckley says 22 million Australians on the east coast are wearing the price-shock impacts of fossil fuel producers’ war profiteering and the federal failure to reserve our sovereign gas for Australian consumers. Read more

Reports and Analysis | Tim Buckley  |  Aug 17, 2022

REPORT | Windfall profits: Time to fix loopholes & subsidies to serve Australians better

CEF analysis finds that introducing an equitable multinational corporate tax and progressive royalty regime on Australia’s fossil fuels could contribute $322bn over 10 years. Read more

Presentations | Tim Buckley  |  Aug 3, 2022

Investing During the Energy Transition

Tim Buckley’s presentation to the Investment Innovation Institute (i3). Read more

Presentations | Tim Buckley  |  Jun 30, 2022

The Global Energy Transition:  An India perspective

Tim Buckley’s presentation to the Institution of Engineers (India) June 2022 Forum, where he speaks to India’s world leading ambition for 450GW of renewable energy by 2030 in the context of global decarbonisation. Read more

Videos | Tim Buckley  |  Jun 18, 2022

ABC TV News Breakfast

[Note: Also see Media section for wide ranging commentary from CEF on the energy crisis] In this extensive interview at the height of the east coast energy crisis in Australia, Tim Buckley breaks down the causes and solutions, including the imperative to rapidly upscale decarbonisation. Read more

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