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Reports and Analysis |  |  Dec 16, 2022

CEF NEWS UPDATE | Govt delivers on energy price relief plan as fossil lobby bleats into the wind

An historic week saw the federal govt legislate coal and gas price caps and bill rebates under its energy price relief plan, with an additional commitment to electrify everything, and a staggering endorsement from the market as prices on the electricity futures market dropped 50%. We also look at progress on decarbonisation in India, finding a doubling of RE installs rate is needed to hit Modi’s target of 450GW by 2030. Read more

Reports and Analysis | Tim Buckley  |  Nov 11, 2022

India-China investment analysis in electricity as COP27 progresses

With COP27 underway, the idea of developed countries supporting developing countries with more than just talk has already backslid from “compensation” to the more nebulous political speak of “cooperation and facilitation”. However, trends in the electricity sector in China and India are showing significant promise, and speak more meaningfully than watered-down global promises. Read more

Reports and Analysis |  |  Nov 8, 2022

GUEST CONTRIBUTION | Decarbonising finance: lessons from world economies as India’s central bank addresses climate risk

Financial governance and risk expert Praveen Gupta looks at global moves to decarbonise finance, as the RBI consults on climate change with more than $84bn of debt at India’s leading financial institutions at risk from extreme weather events. (A version was first published in Illuminem.) Read more

Reports and Analysis | Tim Buckley  |  Oct 17, 2022

ANALYSIS | India’s Electricity Sector Transformation Continues to Gather Pace

Newly released figures from India’s Central Electricity Authority (CEA) demonstrate the shift towards zero emissions generation, with 100% of net new capacity adds in the first half of FY2022/23 being variable renewable energy (VRE) at 98% and hydro-electricity at 2%. Read more

Reports and Analysis | Tim Buckley  |  Oct 13, 2022

REPORT | India’s Renewable Energy Journey: Short-Term Hiccups but Long-Term Trajectory Intact

IEEFA and CEF believe the long-term trajectory for renewable energy in India is still intact, even though recent global events […] Read more


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