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Reports and Analysis |  |  Feb 14, 2023

Crony Capitalism is at the heart of the Adani family empire

CEF has tracked the Adani family for a decade, and their elevation has one key cornerstone – crony capitalism. Our close examination of financial and contractual interactions between government entities and the Adani Group shows that, to become the first amongst equals in India, the Adani family has had considerably more than its fair share of support, particularly since 2014. While the list is very long, in this analysis, Tim Buckley outline some examples below. Read more

Reports and Analysis |  |  Feb 10, 2023

Further reflections on Adani and the Hindenburg Report

Tim Buckley with some further reflections on the Adani crisis, noting the allegations from Hindenburg are not going to go away. For its part, Hindenburg is very comfortable with its legal position. They have effectively issued an open invitation to Adani to sue if they want to experience discovery. That challenge from Wall Street gives credibility to the substance of the report. Read more

Reports and Analysis |  |  Feb 10, 2023

CEF NEWS UPDATE | Adani v Hindenburg, Safeguard Mechanism, Climate Capital Forum policy roadmap & more

Is Adani a corporate Hindenburg? – our reflections on the explosive report; Safeguard Mechanism progresses; the new Climate Capital Forum launches its policy roadmap to decarbonisation; AEMO dynamics report shows acceleration of RE and decline of coal and gas in the grid; our submission to the federal critical minerals consultation and more Read more

Reports and Analysis |  |  Feb 8, 2023

There are some useful lessons for the Adani saga from the collapse of Wirecard in Germany

Tim Buckley notes there are striking parallels between the origins of the collapse of Germany company Wirecard under the weight of the biggest corporate fraud in that country in decades, and the Adani crisis triggered by the Hindenburg report, including the failures of regulatory scrutiny. While Wirecard went bankrupt when its corporate wrongdoing was finally exposed, the Adani allegations are as yet unproven, and require close examination by the US SEC and Securities and Exchange Board of India. Read more

Videos |  |  Feb 6, 2023



Reports and Analysis | Tim Buckley  |  Feb 5, 2023

Adani Group: A corporate Hindenburg?

Tim Buckley has been a keen watcher of Adani for over a decade. Read his full analysis of the explosive allegations by US based research firm and activist short seller Hindenburg that the conglomerate has engaged in the “largest con in corporate history” involving accounting fraud, insider trading, and money laundering. Do the allegations stack up, what needs to be done, and what are the implications for Australia and Adani’s Carmichael coal mine, the subject of a massive decade long grassroots campaign that deprived the company of its social licence here. Read more

Submissions |  |  Feb 3, 2023

SUBMISSION | CEF’s submission to the federal consultation on a national critical minerals strategy

CEF’s comprehensive summation of the critical minerals opportunity for Australia including a response to the federal consultation’s Terms of Reference and key policy recommendations. Read more

Reports and Analysis | Tim Buckley  |  Jan 25, 2023

Heading in the right direction for energy transformation

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) released its fourth quarter of 2022 Quarterly Energy Dynamics report today. It is a welcome reminder that the energy transition is well established and accelerating beyond expectations. While rampant fossil fuel price hyperinflation caused mass disruption in 2022, the underlying trends are clear – and the burgeoning of renewables and decline of coal and gas in the grid ultimately spell permanent price relief. After the historic Q4 federal government intervention to cap wholesale prices of gas and coal, prices on the electricity futures market more than halved in the final three months of 2022, as renewables set new records. Read more

Submissions | Tim Buckley  |  Jan 24, 2023

SUBMISSION | Safeguard Mechanism reform: consultation on a proposed design

The foundational premise of CEF is that financial markets are phenomenally powerful, but they need an explicit, high, permanent price on carbon to drive the rapid decarbonisation pathway required to ensure alignment with 1.5°C, which was made politically toxic by the previous government. In our view, the SGM reforms by the Albanese government could be strengthened, but create a credible framework to re-establish a price on carbon emissions in Australia. Read more

Submissions | Tim Buckley  |  Jan 23, 2023

SUBMISSION | Winterbourne Wind Farm

CEF’s submission to the NSW government on the proposed Winterbourne Wind Farm in the New England region. The project is expected to generate approximately 2,100,000 megawatt hours (MWh) per year of clean, renewable energy — enough to power more than 375,000 average NSW homes for a year. Read more

Reports and Analysis |  |  Jan 21, 2023

CEF NEWS UPDATE | Safeguard Mechanism & carbon credits review; gas cartel doth protest too much

Post the Safeguard Mechanism and ACCU reviews, Australia finally has the framework for a credible carbon price, the key driver of energy transition; gas wars hot up; our latest analysis of Australia’s critical minerals, new economy metals and manufacturing opportunities, looking at embodied decarbonisation; and our most recent bank assessment, this time focussing on CBA. Read more

Reports and Analysis | Tim Buckley  |  Jan 20, 2023

The Safeguard Mechanism and ACCU reforms

Energy Minister Chris Bowen this month reported on the Federal Government’s review of the Safeguard Mechanism, the central policy driver of scope 1 industrial emissions reductions by Australia’s 215 biggest emitting facilities. Also this month, the outcomes of the Chubb Review of Australian Carbon Credit Units were handed down. The reforms of these key pieces of climate and energy policy architecture were urgent and necessary. Our key takeout: the proposed changes now provide the framework for a credible carbon price in Australia. Read our full analysis. Read more

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